A little animal

I spun around, looking for food. My dog looked at me like he could see a ghost. He could see something furry, Buddy scampered towards it slowly. Bang! Buddy ran straight into a tree. The animal scurried up the tree in a hurry. I heard music, I spun around as quick as I could. I could see a man, he was listening to a country song, the sound was coming from a strange box. Maybe it was a vehicle? I looked at Buddy, all of a sudden he started running. Maybe that furry animal had something to do with it?

The Man And His Hat

This was the man who discovered how to protect, how to be brave. Most people forget how famous he really is. His grey hat was what gave him his beautiful power. A long time ago a kind, brave man came up to his because he could see how much he needed a new hat. The man came up to him and gave him his hat, that’s when the man became inspired to do the right thing. He was a warrior in his own way, who protected all of the people. “Cool story grandpa” Said Pete while winking slightly.

Some Different Glasses

SCRATCH, my foot scratched against a hard object. I looked down, there was a note on the hard concrete of the supermarket. On the note it read “If you are reading this note, these glasses are mind reading, use-” “That’s the end of the note?” I put on the glasses then looked up. I can see my thought! I looked down at a stray dog, “which way to the shops?” It panted. This is awesome! But I think for now i’ll just leave this for another person who knows how to use these, that’s probably a better solution to this!

The Pet Shop

“I can’t wait to go to the pet shop” I thought “Maybe I could get a dog!”

When we arrived there I looked around, it was large with green and white cages all around. The walls were made out of wooden planks. But when I looked to the side, I saw two dogs in a glass cage. I felt so bad. One of the small dogs threw a toy in the air. “I didn’t realise they could fly!” I giggled while looking at my mum “Can we get them?”. “Sure” Said mum. I heard her tone. I wonder where this is going!

Unexpected Tsunamis

“Moving houses!” Said my mum loudly “I’m not sure if this house was the right choice, I hear there are tones of tsunamis” We arrived there just in time, my first words were “Umm, why is there a giant rock pillar?” My mum laughed “It’s your grandfathers!”

Some time has past, we moved to a new school and had tones of fun in the water…

Until…. A tsunami was coming our way. We need to flee this place! It’s not safe, “the boat!” Mum screamed with her brown hair in her mouth. We arrived just in time, to escape! Few

Where did it go?

“Hello? Who are you?” Asked a large mysterious creature “What are you doing here?”

The human beamed in anger “Umm, this is MY house, now get out”

The creature seemed to be upset.

“Are you ok?” Asked the human who completely changed her tone, “Oh how rude of me, my name is Sammy, whats yours?”

Flick Flick

“The lights are really bad” Though Sammy

The creature looked at Sammy but then-

A flash of light, then, darkness…

When the light had turned on after the flash of dark blue, the large, cyan creature was gone…


But where did It go?….


The Stealers

“QUICK!” Allyson shouted at Amelia, “Grab the oar!”

“Alex quick, grab the mushrooms” Amelia screamed, “it’s our last food left”

Alex was wistful at the time when everybody was shouting while she was trapped in her cabin. The trees were wrinkled as Alex and Amelia looked around at their surroundings. Though Alex had to follow the rule of never leaving the cabin, she still like helping by cleaning up when nobody was watching. When Alex finally realised what was happening she was horrified at what she could see in front of her eyes. This was much more important than cleaning!

The birthday bash

happy birthday to y- BAM! all of a sudden the lights went out…suddenly, darkness enveloped the room… A second after, my friend Zoe turned on the lights on, the room… IT WAS TRASHED! The cake was ruined, the decorations destroyed. Who did this in such a small amount of time. It couldn’t have been Zoe because she turned on the lights so… IT WAS AMELIA! Oh wait Amelia was in the bathroom washing her hands. I could hear the tap running. *Ruff!!* What was that? It sounded like a dog to be more specific… Could it be… Coco?


The Weird Shopping Trip

Last week I was just walking around in the huge shops. I went over to check if there was any AMAZING honey left for my world famous, well kind of honey and jam sandwiches for lunch. But when I reached where I thought the honey was I saw this man in a white hoody saying in a deep voice… “No” he said, “I like Marmite”…. I was just about to walk away from this weird situation when he said to me “Hey! If you want to know where the honey is, it’s right over there”….. Maybe just maybe i’ll check….

The Park Statue

Still as the smallest tree around of the garden in the wonderful park

Tough as a small, surrounded army of shells on the beach where the children play all day.

Around in the garden of plants and stones.

The statue stands still as a small stone with his hat high on his head

Under a tree as large as a mountain with snow on it’s peak

Everyone around takes many photos as he was so famous in all their huge hearts for he was the famous one that they all agreed looked after the world more that anyone with greed