The Pet Shop

“I can’t wait to go to the pet shop” I thought “Maybe I could get a dog!”

When we arrived there I looked around, it was large with green and white cages all around. The walls were made out of wooden planks. But when I looked to the side, I saw two dogs in a glass cage. I felt so bad. One of the small dogs threw a toy in the air. “I didn’t realise they could fly!” I giggled while looking at my mum “Can we get them?”. “Sure” Said mum. I heard her tone. I wonder where this is going!

One thought on “The Pet Shop”

  1. Eliza –

    This sounds like a magical pet shop if the dogs are flying! I wonder why your mom so quickly approved bringing home the dogs–and what exactly was her tone? Was she teasing you…or was she serious? I, too, wonder where this story is going. Thanks for pricking my brains with an avalanche of questions! – Mrs. Rombach, Team 100WC from Virginia, USA

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