A little animal

I spun around, looking for food. My dog looked at me like he could see a ghost. He could see something furry, Buddy scampered towards it slowly. Bang! Buddy ran straight into a tree. The animal scurried up the tree in a hurry. I heard music, I spun around as quick as I could. I could see a man, he was listening to a country song, the sound was coming from a strange box. Maybe it was a vehicle? I looked at Buddy, all of a sudden he started running. Maybe that furry animal had something to do with it?

One thought on “A little animal”

  1. Lots going on in your story, Eliza. I wonder how it all links up? There is some very good description. I particularly like ‘I spun around as quick as I could’ and ‘The animal scurried up the tree in a hurry’. I also like the way your dog looked at you ‘like he could see a ghost’. The questions you use in the story are very effective too. It all adds to the suspense.

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